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The Winterbournes

The First Name

The villages lie in the valley of the River Bourne, formerly known as the Winterbourne. It is so named because in its upper reaches it often dries up in summer, to flow again in winter.

The Second Name

The three Winterbournes, Gunner, Dauntsey and Earls, are named after Gonnora de la Mare, Roger Danteseye and the Earl of Salisbury, who held the manors in the thirteenth century. In 1934 they they were formed into the civil parish of Winterbourne, together with Hurdcott (formerly known as Winterbourne Hurdcott).

The Church of Saint Michael

The Church of Saint Michael stands at the boundary of Winterbourne Dauntsey and Winterbourne Earls. It replaced the old Church of Saint Michael off Tanner’s Lane in Winterbourne Earls and the Church of Saint Edward off Gater’s Lane in Winterbourne Dauntsey. The present church was built in 1867-68, using material from the demolished medieval churches.

Church of Saint Mary

The charming Church of Saint Mary at Winterbourne Gunner is of twelfth century origin, with alterations and rebuilding work

dating to the fourteenth and later centuries. 

It is built largely of flint, with limestone quoins and dressing.

Listed Buildings

The civil parish of Winterbourne contains 35 listed historical buildings and monuments. The oldest of these is the twelfth-century Church of Saint Mary. Sixteen of the listed buildings are houses still in occupation, one of the oldest being the fifteenth-century Peacock Cottage.

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